Stretching is the most skipped part of training. A lot of people skip it because they don’t know what to do, they don’t have the time or they are just being lazy. Having a good stretching ability is actually more important than being strong. Stretching helps prevent injuries but at the same time helps mobility which helps you to be stronger and faster. Our program will teach you to stretch in the correct way, and will provide you with many new stretching exercises, helping you to feel fresh and pain free in your everyday life by having a better posture. So if either of those are priorities for you, come to our gym and learn a variety of exercises, correct your form and improve your flexibility. Stop running to the doctor with injuries, lower back ache or a headache – just put some proper stretching in your life. 

running technique

Running Technique is a program which is slowly introduced with a series of specific exercises, via our running groups, semi personal or personal training sessions. As an Athletics coach with more than ten years of experience and a champion for years in running and football,  I know that good running technique is essential for anyone in any sport that involve running. By correcting your running technique, even if you are not a professional runner, your running economy is improved, and you will get more out of any jump or sprint and it will help you to avoid injuries.

CY gym will also include an Amateur Running group. If you are an amateur runner or you would love to start running but don’t know what to do, CY Gym will be providing some beginner groups. These group sessions will combine running or even walking at the start, exercises for general fitness and stretching exercises to help maintain good posture. This running program will help you to be able to comfortably run 5km.  All amateur runners will also have the opportunity to enjoy their newly developed skills and have fun in local races that the team will enter across Cyprus. If you can’t make it to the gym but you still want to start running, CY Gym is also able to prepare a monthly training program combined with training tips so you can still get on with your favorite hobby anywhere or any time. Our training programs can be designed for runners of distances from 5km to a marathon.

sports massage

Sports massage is the application of specific massage techniques, with a range of motion to offer strength-training principles to treat an athlete. 

The different techniques include friction, vibration, shaking, compression, effleurage,  direct pressure, cross-fiber friction,  and stretching. As treatment is to use to warm-up, increase blood flow, stimulate neurological pathways, increase flexibility, improve strength and posture.


A specific set of progressively induced exercises focused to fix any injury