functional training

Functional training basically means training to perfect your everyday functions. It’s part of our personal training program as the training is different for each individual.
Whether you’re sitting all day or lifting heavy goods at work, it’s most likely you are doing it for too long or just lifting too much in the wrong way, which can lead to issues with your posture. Poor posture can then lead to knee pain, back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain.  People tend to finish work and just sit for even longer, again with incorrect posture, which can make it worse, or go to a gym and then continue heavy lifting, causing more pain. Our functional training will use beneficial exercises to balance.

Therapeutic exercises

The goal of these exercises is to improve your overall health and maintain function, fitness & strength.

A few benefits of participating in a therapeutic exercise class are to improve joint mobility & circulation. Improves respiratory function, coordination & balance. Increases flexibility and helps you relax. In addition, tighten muscles and improves strength. Is the perfect way to treat your body.

clinical pilates

Is based on the use of specific and targeted therapeutic exercises to treat patients with injuries, particularly with low back pain. In general, Clinical Pilates focuses on the retraining and recruitment of these stabilizing muscles as well as improving posture, strength and flexibility.